The female equivalent of blue balls. The condition a woman develops when she is seduced to the point of an explosive orgasm, and then abandoned suddenly by the seducer.

          "The Pelvis is the sexiest man in show business today."
– Anonymous

"I am not an Elvis impersonator, I'm a Pelvis impersonator."      
- The Pelvis

The Show

Pink Pelvis' charismatic front man (known as The Pelvis) thrives in intimate venues, at weddings and private bachelorette parties where he has easy access to the audience for those not-so-private lap dances.  The primary goal of a  Pink Pelvis show is to get the crowd loosened up with laughter, music and fun!

Option 1:  Pink Pelvis can perform a more theatrical 75-90 minute show which includes a featured “burlesque dancer”, sexy interactive games and surprise guests. Currently the band is partnered with the ever elusive Kalani Kokonuts, a legend in the word of tease and the Queen of Balloons, Miss Tawney Bubbles, whose "dirty concoctions keep the audience thoroughly amused from start to finish.

Option 2) Pink Pelvis can also perform as a regular band performing 3 (45 minute) sets of their incredibly sexy and hilarious "mash-up" covers including, but not limited to, "Baby's Got Back on top of Sweet Home Alabama" or their famous rendition of Madonna's "Like a Virgin" done swing style.


The Pelvis started out in the late 80's as a young, enthusiastic, lounge singer from the bible-belt region of the Northern Americas. Back then he was simply known as the Crooner. After work dried up in the midwest, the Pelvis was forced to relocate to Sin City - Las Vegas, NV.

The temptations of Vegas eventually transformed this once soft spoken, morally sound singer into the sexual deviant he is today. The Pelvis' legendary charm and spot-on lounge swagger coupled with the tightest F'N band around has managed to capture the hearts and groins of the world. "Why leave Vegas?" he once said in an interview, "the world comes to my backyard!"

Be ready to sweat in your seat or on the dance floor as The Pelvis and his band deliver their unique sound plus more sexual innuendos than a high school boys’ locker room.

Band Inspiration
Some of the artists we draw inspiration from include:

Salt N Pepa, LMFAO, Vanilla Ice, Biz Markie, Sir-Mix-A-Lot, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Digital Underground, Prince, Kelis, Rod Stewart, Nelly, Elvis Presley, Richard Cheese and mash-up DJ's everywhere.

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